Is it important to you that there is a service for you after you pass?

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

It's About You...But It's For Your Family, Friends and Community

It is not uncommon when someone talks about their own funeral wishes to hear them say "I don't need a service".  This is true, at the time of your passing the funeral is no longer a need for you.  But what about your family, friends and community that are grieving?   If the family feels a need for a service, they will respect the deceased's requests and if "No Service" has been requested this is what is usually honored.  Not having some type of service or life celebration can lead to an emotional void and a longer grieving process for family and friends.
Funeral service, Memorial Service or Celebration of Life, whichever title you wish, are gatherings that are about the deceased and the life lived. The purpose they serve is for family members, friends and the community to come together.  There is a need for survivors to gather and communicate about ones passing in a comfortable open setting. 

It is understandable that someone does not want to draw attention to themselves, and a service about them may make them feel that way. You must allow yourself to keep an open mind when making this decision as it will directly effect how your family and friends deal with their grief.

Cost is also another factor that often adds to the decision of "No Service".  Insurance companies will have you believe that funerals cost over ten thousand dollars.  Although this is number is possible based on the quality of product and service options chosen, it is far from the norm. Funeral service providers will assist you in creating a memorial that celebrates the life lived and one that fits your budget.

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